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dop Offers Seamless Content Consumption and Creation, Changing the Way Anyone Can Use Their Phone or Tablet

BOULDER, Colo., — December 4, 2019 — Todaydop™ launched as a new consumer gadget that makes any mobile device hands - and frustration-free.The dop kit was designed to enhance the everyday mobile experience, providing seamless content creation and consumption — from streaming video on everyday surfaces, to video chatting while multitasking, or capturing photos and videos from any angle.

The dop mount can be positioned on any flat, polished surfaces that exist in your daily routine — including a window, mirror, refrigerator or computer screenwith a unique, non-adhesive, twist-to-secure feature for easy removal and a smooth transition from one surface to another.  

The dop kit includes dop ring, a customized companion piece that seamlessly connects to the dop mount and easily swivels your device at any angle. dop ring also functions on its own as a stylish, 360°rotating accessory for a secure, one-handed grip and sturdy, multi-angle kickstand. The dop mount also works with Popsocket®.

dop was designed for anyone and everyone seeking a consistent hands-free mobile experience, including:  

  • The on-the-go news junkie looking to stay informed
  • The social butterfly who video chats while multitasking
  • The binge-watcher trying to keep up with the latest streaming videos
  • The beauty enthusiast who watches and creates makeup tutorials
  • The aspiring chef sharing recipes and the at-home chef following along
  • The fitness lover crushing workout goals
  • The explorer sharing their travel experiences from the ground
  • ANY mobile user who wants a hands-free experience!

“After spending more than 10 years as a producer, I witnessed first-hand the mobile content boom and the challenge of getting that perfect, simple shot from a phone, and I knew there had to be a better way,” said dop creator Luke Frydenger. “dop was born from the fundamental need for a single gadget to easily provide a seamless way to turn your phone into a hands-free device. There are so many useful scenarios for every single mobile user out there - don’t drop it, dop it!”


Dop mount is available to purchase directly throughthedop.com for $16.95 in jet black and rose gold, and includes a micro-cloth travel bag that doubles as a surface cleaner. The full dop kit, which includes the dop mount and dop ring, can be purchased for $24.99.

About dop

Created by Luke Frydenger, founding executive producer of Popsugar Studios, dop is the solution to a rising problem as mobile content continues to grow more popular. He initially created dop with content creators in mind specifically, even calling it “dop” as a reference to a Director of Photography on set. It was a video chat with his parents while trying to corral his two year old son that showed him dop’s potential as a gadget for anyone who has felt like they needed a third hand. dop now means something more, a verb that reminds everyone to “don’t drop it, dop it”. Luke is an entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to finding solutions and telling stories. 


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